Hello everyone! We hope that you’re all keeping safe and enjoying life after exams!

After creating a similar post for our social media towards the beginning of pride month, we wanted to show our support through a blog post on our website, so that throughout the year, the resources below will be accessible to you – (some resources are pride month specific).

We as a society wanted to begin celebrating Pride month this year, dedicated to LGBTQ+ individuals & communities everywhere. This month is a great opportunity to pay tribute to the historical roots of the Stonewall Riots and to acknowledge the constant need to fight against homophobia, transphobia & biphobia in all areas of society, including within the legal profession.

We are committed to being a diverse and inclusive society, consistently educating ourselves on LGBTQ+ rights and movements as allies and to give a platform for the voices of the members of this community.

We have attached some links to some petitions, podcast lists and articles that you may find interesting to keep you educated and busy this month!

Further to this, we wanted to say that on-campus, LGBTQ+ and Law Exeter are a great initiative that celebrate the LGBTQ+ community on campus and have a number of great opportunities to get involved with. So, if this is something of interest to yourself, check out their social media to find out more about the great work they do here at Exeter. (Instagram: @lgbtqlawexeter, Facebook: LQBTQ+ and Law Exeter)

We have below listed some national legal LGBTQ+ networks that are also great for providing resources and opportunities for those LGBTQ+ community members hoping to pursue a career in the legal profession:

  • Queer Lawyers of Tomorrow (Co-founded by former EILS President Owen Hussey): – Ben Gardner is the current Campus Ambassador for Queer Lawyers of Tomorrow at the University of Exeter, so if you’d like any more information on this network please contact him.

  • Diverscity in Law:

  • LAGLA (LGBTQ+ Lawyers Association):

Excited to see you all in September & happy pride month!

- Exeter International Law Society Committee 2020/21

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