Welcome to Exeter International Law Society! We are one of the law societies at the University of Exeter and we offer our members a range of social, academic and employability opportunities.


Our society holds events for both law students and non-law students alike. From academic events such as study skills and essay writing workshops, to employability events where we hope to welcome as many employers from the legal sphere as possible, our society provides tools to help our members on the road to their desired career paths following their university journey.


In addition to all the great employability and academic events available to all society members, we offer additional support to those studying the Law with French Law (Maitrise en Droit), Law with European study and Law with study abroad. With specific workshops designed to help society members who study such degrees prepare for assessments specific to their degree, preparing them for their years abroad as well as all the tips and tricks to help them through their degrees.


Frequent social opportunities catered for everyone, intramural sports and our favourite, our annual international trip – which has included the CJEU in Luxembourg, ICC in The Hague and the ECtHR in Strasbourg. Our annual trips have become part of our identity, giving our members the opportunity to witness the law in an international environment as well as a well-deserved break from their legal studies.


Creating an inclusive environment for all our society members and making sure each and every member feels welcomed and supported is of the highest importance to us. All of our committee members are happy to help in any way we can and have the ability to point you in the right direction for any further support you need. We hope those of you that are considering joining us, do so, and become part of our friendly international law society community!

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    Final Year | LLB Law 

    I am in charge of leading and organising the committee for the society to ensure that we can provide our members with the best experience possible during their time as part of our society. I am also the primary point of contact for the society for any external contacts such as sponsors, as well as the guild. 

    Interesting Fact: Born in Wales, I can speak conversational Welsh and am currently studying Spanish alongside my degree.

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    Final Year | LLB Law

    I am excited to have been elected and cannot wait to work alongside the committee this year to expand the society and make great achievements as a team! I assist with the leadership and facilitate the efficiency of the society. Additionally, I ensure the wellbeing of our members, so please do not hesitate to ever contact me.

    Interesting Fact: Similarly, I speak conversational Welsh, and as part of my degree, I am enrolled in a French module for my final year.

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    Final Year | LLB Law

    I am responsible for coordinating our funding and expenses in attainment of society objectives. Furthermore, my role requires me to manage costs related to society stash, social events and trips. Additionally, I am the main point of contact for sponsors. 

    Interesting Fact: I speak Thai fluently, and am learning Spanish as part of an evening course.

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    Penultimate Year | LLB English Law with French Law (Maitrise en Droit)

    My role includes administrative tasks of the society: organising meetings, securing bookings and taking minutes at meetings. I ensure the committee remains organised and structured. Additionally, I will be planning our trips, including our travel and accommodation, and further activities. 

    Interesting Fact: In my final year I will be attending the Université de Rennes in completion of my Maitrise en Droit.

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    Penultimate Year | LLB English Law with French Law (Maitrise en Droit)

    I am looking forward to helping you get the most out of your degree and to assist in easing any academic worries, with many exciting opportunities planned, including workshops for writing skills and revision support.


    Furthermore, I will be working on expanding your career prospects through hosting networking events and educational talks, influencing you to branch out of academia and to think about your future potential.

    Interesting Fact: I was born in Romania, and am able to speak fluent Romanian.

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    Penultimate Year | LLB English Law with French Law (Maitrise en Droit)

    I am delighted to be part of committee this year. In my role, I am excited to host amazing and inclusive socials! I am currently planning both virtual and in-person socials in preparation for freshers week. Keep an eye out for our social media posts where we will be regularly posting our socials and events.

    Interesting Fact: I am half English and half French, and similarly will be spending my final year at the Université de Rennes.

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