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Welcome to Exeter International Law Society! We are one of the law societies at the University of Exeter and we offer our members a range of social, academic and employability opportunities.


Our society holds events for both law students and non-law students alike. From academic events such as study skills and essay writing workshops, to employability events where we hope to welcome as many employers from the legal sphere as possible, our society offers a variety of opportunities to help our members on the road to their desired career paths following their university journey.


In addition to all the great employability and academic events available to all society members, we offer additional support to those studying the Law with French Law (Maitrise en Droit), Law with European study and Law with study abroad. With specific workshops designed to help society members who study such degrees prepare for assessments specific to their degree, preparing them for their years abroad as well as all the tips and tricks to help them through their degrees.


Evan John, President 2020/21



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